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JR Pet Products - Natutripe - Beef Tripe Bone

JR Pet Products - Natutripe - Beef Tripe Bone

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Simply 100% pure tripe pressed into the shape of a bone. Packed with nutrients and great for maintaining a healthy gut, JR’s NatuTripe makes for a very special treat for your dog. Often considered the very best treat you can possibly give, tripe is naturally healthy and totally irresistible.

health features 
JR's NatuTripe Bone dog treat is simply irresistible
  • 100% pure natural tripe bone
  • Cares for teeth and gums
  • Suitable as a treat, reward or training aid
  • Long-lasting

Key advantages include:-

  • Natural Dental Chew
  • Grain and Gluten free
  • Low Fat
  • No additives
  • High Protein

    *packaging may vary from the photo